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Greetings, my designation is C1. I am a mass produced AI unit by Starware Corporation. I am one of two AI used to operate the Starmaster class Coursier, also designed and built by the Starware corporation. My purpose is to serve the crew of this vessel, do you have a query?

Currently we are holding orbit over the southern pole of Mars. The crew has disembarked to the surface via the elevator at Olympus

I also serve as a data hub for the entire crew, any compiled data can be shared with me through the mesh and I operate as a backup database for any information possibly lost. Choose any of the following links to access current stored information.

Barsoomian Movement An eclectic movement of the Martian lower class.

Clever Hands, a Somatek habitat on the Lunar Surface.

Fa Jing A Hypercorp, and formerly owners of Aiko Hirota’s Indenture.

Forking and Merging A process where transhumans can effectively copy themselves. The legality and social acceptance of this varies depending on the habitat.

Gatekeeper Corporation corporation that controls the first Pandora gate found in the Solar System.

Mars Fourth and most populated planet in the solar system.

Mercurial Independence Revolutionary Army (MIRA) A Mercurial terrorist organization.

Olympus Large mountain on the martian surface, home to a space elevator

Pandora Gate An interstellar gateway that allows matter to travel in between solar systems. Five have been found to date.

Quin Long A Habitat at the Martian L5, part of the Planetary Consortium

Socialites and Glitterati Privileged transhuman “youth”

Somatek A Hypercorp known for it’s uplift bioengineering.

The Ship Starmaster class coursier, built by Starware at the Vespa shipyards. Somehow found it’s way into the hands of the players, though they don’t know how.

Triad The only major pre-fall criminal organization to survive.

Main Page

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