Eclipse Phase: picking up the pieces

Aiko's Log-Luna

For the second time, I’m waking up with blanks in my memory. Fuck. Why didn’t I scan that guy before he nabbed us? I thought I knew better than to blindly trust anyone down here. Luna always fucks with me and leaves me vulnerable. Despite the rampant danger, I’d almost rather be on earth.
Someone on Luna is after Mun-Eo. The splicers from the elevator pinned us down in an alley. I managed to take down two before letting myself get grabbed by a bruiser (like an idiot). Mun-Eo put up a hell of a fight and managed to get enough genetic material from one of the splicers to start running some traces on him. Looks like I’ll get to do a little ego hunting. Working backwards like this is a challenge I look forward to. Maybe it will keep my mind marginally occupied while we locating funding for our trip to earth.
Sarry wants us to come up with ways to fund this trip, and I admit I am at a loss. I don’t want to suggest blackmail, but it is my bread and butter. Whatever we come up with, I am sure I will find a valuable place in their plan.


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