Mun-Eo Bahn

An Octopus uplift who specializes in engineering and repair.


Mun-Eo was uplifted around the time of the fall, and is quite young compared to most other Transhumans. Mun-Eo was uplifted on the Lunar surface by Somatek at the clever hands station. He served as an engineer for them, repairing various spacecraft and bots. It was this position that eventually served as his opportunity to escape. While many Uplifts work out their indenture to Somatek relatively easily, most don’t enjoy the experience. Mun-Eo was no different.

He was placed as an engineer for one of the various short range spacecraft Somatek controls. They are usually used to transfer specimens and personnel to other Lunar and Earth Orbit installations. Many of the scientists claimed they couldn’t think properly and were more prone to mistakes if they were constantly egocast back and forth. This would prove to be an opportunity for MIRA (Mercurial Independence Resistance Army), a small upstart mercurial rights movement in the inner system. Mun-Eo was aboard one of the transports that was hit. Being an uplift he was taken by the group, and would later join them in their cause.

For the next few years he worked on and off for the MIRA cell that rescued him. He found odd jobs at various habitats and stations, assisted them in getting operatives in and out (as well as having layouts and other schedules). Mun-Eo’s last memory is hijacking a transport bound for Clever Hands on the Lunar surface.

Rez points: 10

Mun-Eo Bahn

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