Aaliyah Sayed


Like most of the Argonaut scientists in the lab, she is sleeved in a Savant morph. Hers has been modified physically. Each of her arms has traditional, intricate, and beautiful Henna designs running up them. The designs are all deep blues and grays, giving her a distinctly mournful and serious demeanor. They end at the top of her shoulders in an array of tear drops, five on each shoulder, more brightly colored. If she speaks on them she will make mention of each tear drop representing a year in which Mecca is lost. Her head is covered by a smart fabric Hijab, which like the rest of her body, is very clinical and white.


Aaliyah Syed: Aaliyah is head Argonaut representative at Heinlab. She was part of a faction of Argonauts that were against the reclamation project and reluctantly agreed to oversee the project in order to keep transhumanity safe. Aaliyah is very old (over 300), and is playfully called “Miss Methuselah” by her colleagues. She has a soft nature about her, one tempered by three centuries of life and losing 95% of what she had built in the fall. Aaliyah is a devout Muslim, and considers the loss of Mecca to be of the greatest tragedies in all of her life.

She is connected with “White Butterfly”, a religious and political faction of Martian Sunni’s, and has begun attending Hayder Abd al-Wali Abujama’s talks on returning the Hajj to all Muslims once more. The fact that the transhumans found still living did so so close to Mecca must be the will of Allah. Though she advises caution, she has become hopefully optimistic she shall place her eyes upon that city again. She has become a minor celebrity in Muslim circles, especially ones who view White Butterfly positively.

Aaliyah Sayed

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