Eclipse Phase: picking up the pieces

To The Moon...AND EARTH!!

After our Mars excursion wrapped up we had a nice little trip to Luna. I did some work but also spent some free time hanging out with Mun-Eo. I think he is warming up to me? He seems a deep-thinking, soulful type and very different in other ways from transhumans. It is fascinating to think after all of humanity’s history of dreaming up intelligent life from other planets they find intelligent life in Earth’s own oceans. Mun-Eo also seems to get strangely bothered by my company after a while, for some reason. Sometimes I don’t recognize it until he has clearly gotten annoyed or bothered; I will have to pay closer attention in the future to avoid that.

Anyway, after a bit we arrived at Luna and could actually get a glimpse of Earth! Little did I know my excitement over this glimpse is nothing compared to what we would find out later. After a mostly uneventful elevator ride (I say mostly because there were some strange folks following Mun-Eo) we met with a pleasantly friendly Reclaimer lady named Sarry. She was very talkative, which I loved! My crew aren’t always the most talkative, except Xyler, so it is refreshing to see a transhuman so open and communicative. She told us she had a job for us…TO GO TO EARTH!!

I am very excited by this mission, but now that I have had some time to think on it I am also very scared. I took some time to go visit Shackle and its sub-section New Varanasi in particular. It is called the “city of temples” because there are many Hindu temples there. Transhuman religion fascinates me. No matter our technological advances people still seek a greater meaning and purpose to their lives and the things they experience. I visited several different temples and even happened upon one that was having a service. Curious, I joined in and was readily welcomed by the worshipers. While there I purchased a necklace in the traditional Gulabi Minakari style as well as a stone-carved Shivalinga. I am told these were common souvenirs in the original Varanasi on Earth. The necklace depicts Ganesha, remover of obstacles. Hopefully he will remove some obstacles for us on this mission.

Feeling a lot better after this trip, I spent much time researching everything I could find on the Mesh about Earth and completed my list of requisition requests. I really hope I have not forgotten anything. I would hate to be on Earth wishing I had brought an important piece of gear.

Scout Missile [Moderate]

Disassembly Tools [High]

Superthermite Charges [Moderate]

High-Dive Suits [High] or Standard Vacsuits [Moderate] or Crasher Suits [Expensive]

Survival Belts [Moderate]

Spindle [Moderate]

Spindle Climber [Low]

Life-Support Packs [Moderate]

Plasma Cutter [High]

Healing Pod [Moderate]

Defense Beacons [Moderate]

Pressure Tent (3) [Low]

Miniature Radio Farcasters [Low]

Satnet-In-A-Can [High]

Emergency Farcasters [Expensive]

Very Good Weapons [Various]

Ectos [Low]


gnomesgold1983 Master_O_Disaster

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