Eclipse Phase: picking up the pieces

Luna never changes

Well returning from a fine evening at one of the more upscale uplift restaurants in the area around new nectar myself and two of my colleagues found ourselves unknowingly in for no reason attacked. What’s more our attackers have left us with no serious injuries and have taking nothing of substance from us and for the most part left us unharmed and no worse for the wear back in our designated hotel rooms.
the next day well still Shake It Up from our encounter the night before we went to meet the reclaimer scientist who is trying her damnedest to get us to Earth the more I meet and understand her the more her motives become clear very few transhumance have the passion she does for the projects they do well I’m on sure how clear impure her motives are I can respect her drive or ambition to see her goals come true. I just fear she may not understand the cost that will come with her lofty goals


gnomesgold1983 jamackey94

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