Eclipse Phase: picking up the pieces

Game one Rez point awards!

You were all rewarded a number of Rez points your first session.
1 for being enthusiastic
1 for roleplaying
1 for tracking down a load of clues
1 short game rp

Special Rewards
James +1 for log entry, +1 for role play
Pat +1 for log entry, asking the right questions
Leigh +1 for role playing +1 for journal (active after edits are made)
Tony +1 for role play +1 for team building
Jack +1 starting your story, +1 for log entry.

I will almost always reward one bonus point. Role playing points can be up to +3. If you do a log entry before the next session, you can add a point on your own. You either have that one or you don’t. Lazy log entries will not be rewarded, neither will multiple log entries. You can make as many entries as you wish.


gnomesgold1983 gnomesgold1983

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