Eclipse Phase: picking up the pieces

Ezequiel Silva

Mars Again...

I hate this place, Mars is so full of Hypercorp freaks I’m surprised I haven’t shit one. The elevator ride down never was all that fun or engaging and I kind of flew off the handle on some corporate thugs. I gotta keep my anger in check, I’ll have to get resleeved if I keep that up. Anyway, after an embarrassing altercation on the Mars elevator I reached the surface and Xyler, the Alpine, took us to some of his Ruster friends. I was expecting a few indentured rednecks but find me in the Alps if he didn’t bring us to the face of the Barsoomian Movement on mars, Raul Merde and his husband Amir Kahn. Raul Was kind enough to supply us with guns and give use as much help as he possibly could, I’m curious if he’s planning to call in some major favors from us later. Not long after I got settled in, a detestable glitterati and “documentarian” Kara Tsung came barging in to talk to Amir about his art and badger Raul for an interview. Just as she began to get on my last nerve she said she needs security work done and she’s paying so I don’t mind her, for now.


gnomesgold1983 anfword52

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