Eclipse Phase: picking up the pieces

Elevator station

Waiting for my companions at the Mars station. This Aiko is surprisingly open, and pleasant to me, unlike the lions share of hominids. I have spoken briefly with Aiko about her new sleeve, as well as mine. She seemed more comfortable in this sleeve, although it was a downgrade in my eyes. Perhaps it has something to do with gender. the hominids spend a great deal of effort on seemingly clumsy ideas of gender, I suppose not everyone can be as lucky as us octopods, who thinks infrequently on such things. I sincerely hope for them they eliminate this struggle, and waste of mental energy, but I do not for the life of me know how. This Aiko is not all they seem, there glimmers of hurt.

However plesent I have found socialization taxing. I have told Aiko I need to do a log entry, and research specs on our new vessel. And managed to catch up on some uplift news as well


gnomesgold1983 jamackey94

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