Eclipse Phase: picking up the pieces

Aiko's Log- Unknown

4th Feb 10af

I’ve woken up on an unregistered ship in a old sleeve and surrounded by strangers. Everything seems suspiciously sterile. I’ve tried to keep quiet and encourage my new mates to steer towards the Belt, but to no avail. It seems we are heading to Mars, of all fucking places. I’m missing about a month. My last memory is of eliminating my target, then going to cast. Troubling thing is, a lead scientist on Gatekeep’s Ceres Project was found dead on Neverwhere during that month and I’ve woken up drifting through space in my Neverwhere sleeve. Great.

I’m sure my bosses are pissed

And here we are, steering toward Mars and probably an entanglement with Fa Jing.


gnomesgold1983 leighastroud

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