Eclipse Phase: picking up the pieces

A terrifying journey

The people of the moon have been rather terse ever since we reached the surface, one of them even threatening to send me sailing out of the atmosphere with a well placed kick to testicles. Ezekiel and his friends have been rather distant however they do seem to know me well enough to allow me to go down to the earths surface, definitely a frightening agreement to say the least. I hope to be well prepared in a pod of possibly high cost and definitely a far-caster to get me off that stupid rock before I die… again. healing pods may be required as the surface is a dangerous place, due to what I can only imagine are roaming titan death squads and traps of all kinds. Definitely a difficult proposition to decline as Ezekiel was very useful in helping me find jek’s key, but many parts of me want to get back to the ship and get far away from this place.


gnomesgold1983 Squizguls

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