You’re missing your memories, you’re on a ship you have no fucking business owning, and the entire solar system is at your fingertips. I hope this campaign is rewarding for everyone, and I want to take the time to thank you all for your enthusiasm leading up to it. Our first session was promising and i’m looking forward to seeing where it goes. That being said there are a few “house rules” and things we should go over.

Obsidian Portal: This site is awesome, and I urge you all to use it frequently. You’re free to write pretty much anything about your character in the Adventure log area. That is where you guys make your contributions, and I will take important parts and disperse them through the wiki. Those that utilize the wiki will be rewarded for each log entry of 1 point. It needs to be more than a few sentences, and I need to see effort in it.

Basic house rules: Here is a quick and dirty list.
1) All rolling is open rolling by the players.
2) Dice that fall off the table, or are canted are rerolled
3) The pad that you have been provided should be used for questions. IF you have a rule question or challenge, make note of it. If there is a dispute write the question down (we will settle it as easy as possible during the session to keep the flow going), and we will address it for the next session.
4) I reward good roleplay by giving bonus experience. Up to three points can be awarded per session (a three point reward has to be for something impressive).
5) TALK AMONGST YOURSELVES! If a player is interacting with me, the rest of you can be screwing around and discussing things back and forth (in character so long as it makes sense)

Spending Rez Points
1 Moxie point/ 15 RP
1 Aptitude point/ 10 RP
1 Psi sleight/ 5 RP
1 Specialization /5 RP
1 skill point (61-99)/2 RP
1 skill point (up to 60)/ 1 RP
10 Rep/ 1 RP
1,000 Credits/ 1 RP

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