The Ship

The Ship:

Built by the Starware corporation at their Vesta shipyards, the ship is a very fast anti-matter courier capable of transporting up to thirteen passengers. Extremely expensive to upkeep, however, so why they have been given access to this ship is unknown.. as is how to perform the upkeep.

This courier has 4 separate levels, one longer than the rest.

The top level are 6 separate living quarters, each with an additional sleeping harness. Each room has two sleeping harnesses, standard foot lockers and storage lockers, as well as a zero G wash basin (a small suction of air pulls bubbled water downward towards a “drain” it’s quiet, but strong enough to pull even errant droplets back into the recycler.

The second level are passenger needs, including a zero-g medbay, repair bay, common room with food dispenser, and a small circular “hamster wheel”, meant to keep morphs unaccustomed to long zero-g travel from developing atrophied muscles.

The third level is “drive” level. A long hallway contains the cockpit in the front of the ship, which is also where the primary AI interface is. Behind that are ships weapons systems, and the Gunnery AI in charge of that. and in the aft (taking two separate decks) is the cargo area. The Cargo bay contains standard equipment, 5 long term morph storage compartments, and short range ego casting equipment. This is also an access port for an AI controlled “life raft” meant to transport personnel to and from places the ship cannot dock.

The bottom level is engineering access and emergency EV airlocks meant for access to EV ship repair. Engineering is manned mostly by the AI, and takes up more space than even the cargo bay. It runs the length of the ship along the belly of the craft.

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The Ship

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