Mercurial Independence Revolutionary Army (MIRA)

Mercurial Independence Revolutionary Army, or MIRA
faction: autonomist
Goals: mercurial equality, uplift rights, mercurial autonomy

MIRA is a relatively unknown uplift terrorist organization that is responsible for attacks on numerous Hypercorp interests (especially hypercorps like Somatek). Little is known publicly about the group, and most of its cells act independently of any central leadership. Any attack carried out on a target that actively works against mercurials can be claimed as a MIRA attack.

Beyond this MIRA does have “trusted” agents who have more understanding of what is going on, Boomer, for example. However it’s assumed that through psychosurgery these agents are limited in what they can actually divulge. Agents have been known to activate emergency farcasters or other kill switch options instead of being interrogated.


Searching the mesh for information and there are any number of rumors about MIRA. Some rumors of note (meaning they have traction for whatever reason) are as follows.

1) MIRA has a secure and secret habitat in the main belt.
2) They are secretly funded by hypercorps with a vested interest in destroying Somatek and other uplift focused hypercorps.
3) They have a habitat deep beneath the ocean on Earth (which ocean is hotly debated) that is home to numerous cetacean uplifts trying to reclaim the earth for uplifts only.
4) They want to force all transhumans to take uplifted morphs only.

Mercurial Independence Revolutionary Army (MIRA)

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