Eclipse Phase: picking up the pieces

Mun-Eo Bahn Log Entry
February 4th, 10 AF

I have found myself among strangers in an unknown, albeit beautiful ship. We have named her " Polaris jammer"… (Octo-sigh). Her dark matter engines are unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, and I look forward to the engineering challenge of it. The pulse of the engines is sureal and electrifies my every sucker. And the food dispenser can make a damn fine krill and seaweed cube, a refreshing change from human slop. Glad to see at least one engineer has us in mind However, all the frills and intellectual challenge cannot compensate for the desire I have to be reunited with the good fight. I do not rest easy knowing we are headed to an area where Uplifts are treated with such malice. Perhaps those outside the grip of our oppressors will have a more favorable perspective… At least I can hope.
I continue to investigate my shipmates. I have a growing fear I may not be the only one who has been taken away from our cause by such means.
I have to sign off, Ge says my newest news on anti matter engines is ready for me to go over.

If everyone were a government official,
would there be any farmers?
If doctors cured all disease,
would graveyards be as they are?
Boy, fill the glass to the brim;
I’ll live my life as I please.
벼슬을 저마다 하면 농부 할 이 뉘 이시며,
의원이 병(病) 고치면 북망산(北邙山)이 저러하랴.
아희야, 잔 가득 부어라, 내 뜻대로 하리라.
Kim Chang-Up (1658-1721)
Signing off.

((One Point Awarded))

Ezequiel Silva Log Entry

Waking up with memories missing is not a completely foreign experience but I don’t remember it being part of my latest contract. The ship I woke up on isn’t familiar either, it doesn’t seem to belong to anyone, certainly not the reclaimers. Perhaps most concerning of all Dr.Lynda Edwards seems to be missing. I was supposed to be ego casting onto a moon, how the hell did I end up on a foreign ship in the middle of nowhere space when last I remember I ego cast to some extropian hab six months ago? Everyone seems just as confused as I do so maybe we’re all getting framed for a stolen ship. But who would go through this kind of trouble for a simple framing?

Game one Rez point awards!

You were all rewarded a number of Rez points your first session.
1 for being enthusiastic
1 for roleplaying
1 for tracking down a load of clues
1 short game rp

Special Rewards
James +1 for log entry, +1 for role play
Pat +1 for log entry, asking the right questions
Leigh +1 for role playing +1 for journal (active after edits are made)
Tony +1 for role play +1 for team building
Jack +1 starting your story, +1 for log entry.

I will almost always reward one bonus point. Role playing points can be up to +3. If you do a log entry before the next session, you can add a point on your own. You either have that one or you don’t. Lazy log entries will not be rewarded, neither will multiple log entries. You can make as many entries as you wish.

Aiko's Log- Unknown
4th Feb 10af

I’ve woken up on an unregistered ship in a old sleeve and surrounded by strangers. Everything seems suspiciously sterile. I’ve tried to keep quiet and encourage my new mates to steer towards the Belt, but to no avail. It seems we are heading to Mars, of all fucking places. I’m missing about a month. My last memory is of eliminating my target, then going to cast. Troubling thing is, a lead scientist on Gatekeep’s Ceres Project was found dead on Neverwhere during that month and I’ve woken up drifting through space in my Neverwhere sleeve. Great.

I’m sure my bosses are pissed

And here we are, steering toward Mars and probably an entanglement with Fa Jing.

Engine effiency
Feb 11 10AF

Engines are running at 99.7% efficiency. I have been running checks to make sure the ship will not run off with us on the surface.
I am appreciative of these moments alone, I do not look forward to whatever Sleeve they will have waiting for me on the surface. At best this alone time has given me inspiration for a haiku

Eight arms, no hands
A beak, no wings or song
Black ink, but no script

Xyler Adventure Log
Feb 11 10AF

I have awoken on a strange spaceship far from my home with people i don’t know however our destination is set for my homeland. Rather unfortunately my last known contacts saw me die however i don’t know what that entails could this be a copy i have been put into it is uncertain and is not to be speculated at this time given the lack of information. I have found company among a certain few of these strangers however the octopus remains moody and aloof however interesting he may be. My time spent with the mysterious stranger has been the most enjoyable as we are the only Chinese speaking crew members aboard.

Aiko's Log- Polaris Jammer
4 Feb 10af supplement

I’ve decided to cast to the surface and leave this sleeve on the ship. I’m hoping to cast into something different; biomorphs are growing dull. Mun-eo Bhan is also casting, so the two of us will be alone on the ship for a while as the rest of our shipmates will ride the elevator to Olympus. Mun-eo appears to prefer keeping to themselves, which suits me good and plenty as long as I can practice my music without interruption or complaint. The acoustics in some parts of this ship are very interesting.

Elevator station

Waiting for my companions at the Mars station. This Aiko is surprisingly open, and pleasant to me, unlike the lions share of hominids. I have spoken briefly with Aiko about her new sleeve, as well as mine. She seemed more comfortable in this sleeve, although it was a downgrade in my eyes. Perhaps it has something to do with gender. the hominids spend a great deal of effort on seemingly clumsy ideas of gender, I suppose not everyone can be as lucky as us octopods, who thinks infrequently on such things. I sincerely hope for them they eliminate this struggle, and waste of mental energy, but I do not for the life of me know how. This Aiko is not all they seem, there glimmers of hurt.

However plesent I have found socialization taxing. I have told Aiko I need to do a log entry, and research specs on our new vessel. And managed to catch up on some uplift news as well

Aiko's Log- Olympus

Another biomorph, but at least this one is genderless. I don’t mind the ruster sleeves so much. They’re moderately efficient and functional, and much more comfortable on my psyche than a pleasure pod.

Mun-eo mentioned enjoying the mathematical complexities of the fiddle. It felt like a compliment from one so quiet. I find that I appreciate Mun-eo’s company and contribution to our ship. I’ll also admit to a fascination with the way Mun-eo moves so effortlessly around the ship. It appears that the transition from Octomorph to the Specialist they cast into was jarring. Being suddenly bipedal and bound to gravity can be a strange transition.

Our shipmates spotted Kara Tsung (propagandist Glitterati scum) and met Cocoa, a polyglot and Gatecrasher on the elevator down. I look forward to getting to know Cocoa. Xyler, our resident Barsoomian has introduced us to a useful friend, Raul Merde, who was kind enough to supply us with a few meager weapons and point us to the where we could find more. Ideally, we won’t find much cause to use them, but this is Mars. For once, It would be nice to get from A to B without confrontation.

Game two Rez awards!

Clarification on session XP.

everyone will get a point for playing at least, depending on the game length.
1 for a game under four hours (short)
2 for a game between four and six hours. (Standard)
3 for a game over six hours. (Long)
5 for any game deemed “marathon”

Players will receive Rez for accomplishing certain tasks. Sometimes individually or sometimes as a group

1 for advancing your personal storyline to certain milestones
1 for navigating difficult scenarios (this might be handed to an individual player for quick thinking, a clutch roll/moxie spend, self sacrifice for the good of the team, etc. It can also be awarded to the entire group
1 for advancing the plot without needing interference.
5 For completing a background arc (will also refill one Moxie)

So here are the game two awards

Awards for ALL
Standard game (2)
No milestones reached (we still have two more “scenes” before another milestone award)

Individual achievement
Fotia, Xyler, Quiel: 1 for getting involved on elevator
Fotia: 1 for successfully convincing them to back off.
Aiko and Mun-Eo: 1 for bonding and RP
Quiel: 1 for combat proficiency above and beyond
Aiko, Quiel, Mun-Eo: 1 for log. (If you complete your log before the start of next session add your own rez point)

Fotia: 4
Quiel: 5
Mun-eo: 4
Aiko: 4
Xyler: 3


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