Xyler was born on mars, to a couple of XP addicted parents too concerned with their shared affliction than keeping up with his GSP injections. If it weren’t for local barsoomian “Soup Kitchens” and GSP for children drives, he most likely wouldn’t have survived his earliest years. Stuck in a ruster morph like most of the redneck population, Xyler was forced to scrounge for survival. Eventually terraforming operations caused his little area of tin can habitats to be abandoned, and most poor rednecks headed for the big cities. Not Xyler, he stayed behind. Opting instead to rough it out on the wastes inbetween sparsely populated towns and habitats.

It was here he was during the fall, and how he managed to survive. Xyler made a decent living scrounging abandoned habitats, eventually netting a martian alpiner for his efforts. After the fall he made a neat living heading back into now ruined towns and habitats to find effects or intact stacks for family members. While this didn’t make him rich, it did connect him to the Barsoomian Movement in a more active way. Eventually Xyler started working for the movement exclusively, and while the compensation was meager, he at least had a support network.

Xyler’s last memory is on a mission with a few Barsoomian Fall refugees for salvageable tech and transhumans a few kilometers south of the quarantine zone.

Rez points: 9


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