Eclipse Phase: picking up the pieces

The octopus flew over the moon

So here I am, back on Luna. My innards squrm at the thought of spending the days ahead here. I have found myself, for the first time in a good while, being handled as property agian. You would think the huminoids in all their infinate wisedom would be capable of looking back, at scores of revolts from classes below, and be able to see the end result of this quite clearly. But I’m getting off topic. We have been recruted to go back to earth. And as my colleges whom I for some reason or another trust are all for it, I will join them. Perhaps a trip to earth will remind me of a time when I was more Free, when I swam unencumbered by the lofty Realms of thought that consume me now. While they politics of this endevor disgust me. I am frotunate to keep this at arms length (although 8 arms length wouldent be enough for me).

Perhaps somewhere here I can find some Hidden Gem something to report back to Boomer and regain my credibility. Or perhaps some stone unturned to further our cause.

spilled gasoline

scrambles the air like flames

behind our world


gnomesgold1983 jamackey94

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