Eclipse Phase: picking up the pieces

Game two Rez awards!

Clarification on session XP.

everyone will get a point for playing at least, depending on the game length.
1 for a game under four hours (short)
2 for a game between four and six hours. (Standard)
3 for a game over six hours. (Long)
5 for any game deemed “marathon”

Players will receive Rez for accomplishing certain tasks. Sometimes individually or sometimes as a group

1 for advancing your personal storyline to certain milestones
1 for navigating difficult scenarios (this might be handed to an individual player for quick thinking, a clutch roll/moxie spend, self sacrifice for the good of the team, etc. It can also be awarded to the entire group
1 for advancing the plot without needing interference.
5 For completing a background arc (will also refill one Moxie)

So here are the game two awards

Awards for ALL
Standard game (2)
No milestones reached (we still have two more “scenes” before another milestone award)

Individual achievement
Fotia, Xyler, Quiel: 1 for getting involved on elevator
Fotia: 1 for successfully convincing them to back off.
Aiko and Mun-Eo: 1 for bonding and RP
Quiel: 1 for combat proficiency above and beyond
Aiko, Quiel, Mun-Eo: 1 for log. (If you complete your log before the start of next session add your own rez point)

Fotia: 4
Quiel: 5
Mun-eo: 4
Aiko: 4
Xyler: 3


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