Eclipse Phase: picking up the pieces

Another biomorph, but at least this one is genderless. I don’t mind the ruster sleeves so much. They’re moderately efficient and functional, and much more comfortable on my psyche than a pleasure pod.

Mun-eo mentioned enjoying the mathematical complexities of the fiddle. It felt like a compliment from one so quiet. I find that I appreciate Mun-eo’s company and contribution to our ship. I’ll also admit to a fascination with the way Mun-eo moves so effortlessly around the ship. It appears that the transition from Octomorph to the Specialist they cast into was jarring. Being suddenly bipedal and bound to gravity can be a strange transition.

Our shipmates spotted Kara Tsung (propagandist Glitterati scum) and met Cocoa, a polyglot and Gatecrasher on the elevator down. I look forward to getting to know Cocoa. Xyler, our resident Barsoomian has introduced us to a useful friend, Raul Merde, who was kind enough to supply us with a few meager weapons and point us to the where we could find more. Ideally, we won’t find much cause to use them, but this is Mars. For once, It would be nice to get from A to B without confrontation.


gnomesgold1983 leighastroud

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